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all of our services may be accomplished virtually through email, texting, and video conferencing

“Concierge” Publishing

Customized publishing services for “indie” authors.

Let us help you publish your book. We offer a concierge-style publishing service with options to take your project from your original text document, through the editing and design process using the best design for legibility, to a final print-on-demand, e-book, or even tradtionally-printed book. We can start at the beginning and be your guide all the way through to the published book, or enter the project at any phase and be your guide as needed. Publish under the Elder Eye publishing house label and let Elder Eye handle the ongoing publishing details or create your own house label with our assistance. It’s up to you! See books published through Elder Eye Press concierge services.

Design Consultation

Design & design consultation focused on universal/inclusive design techniques.

Don’t let your materials be ignored! Hard-to-read text and illegible designs are commonly ignored. Our Design Services are based on extensive research that proves design that is best for the aging eye is best for ALL eyes.


Experience and understand vision conditions that may affect communication with your audience.

Image of VisualEyes Simulator glasses
VisualEyes™ Simulator Glasses
See your materials and spaces through the eyes of someone experiencing aging and other vision conditions – encourage empathy for the vision struggles of the aging and compromised eye.


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