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Elder Eye specializes in universal, inclusive design to benefit legibility and comprehension for the aging eye, with the ultimate goal of communicating to ALL eyes.

Elder Eye was created by Wendy J. Johnson. Wendy has been a graphic designer and art director for over 30 years, and has experienced temporary vision-impairment twice in her life. During recovery periods that totaled several months, Wendy became aware of the large number of written and other visual materials that are difficult for the aging and troubled eye to see. As a result, she has developed a base of knowledge in eye diseases and the aging eye, researched international standards of legibility, and arrived at certain design considerations that not only aid in visual communication to the aging and troubled eye, but also communicate to eyes of all ages.

Wendy continues to conduct research into vision and legibility issues for the aging eye. She is an associate of the Helen Hamlyn Research Center at the Royal College of Art in London.


Address: PO Box 142, Crystal Bay, MN 55323

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