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When you design for the eye over age 40, you design for ALL eyes.

Knowing what diminishes legibility is the first step to communicating with optimal impact and clarity.


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Set of 7 VisualEyes™ Simulator Glasses

Image of Simulator Glasses Set
(See images of individual glasses below.)

• See your materials and spaces through the eyes of someone experiencing aging vision conditions.
• Encourage empathy for the vision struggles of the aging eye.

These cardboard and plastic framed* eyeglasses with plastic lenses simulate the vision conditions of: Combined Loss (CMV Retinitis/diabetic eye disease/immuno-suppressed vision loss); Central Field Loss (Macular Degeneration); Peripheral Field Loss (Glaucoma/Retinitis Pigmentosa); Overall Blur (Cataract/Cloudy Media); Hemifield Loss (Hemianopia/Stroke); Low Contrast (Normal aging vision issues); and Color Affectation (Cataract and lens aging). *Note: The manufacturer is gradually transitioning the eyeglass frames to an easier-to-clean translucent plastic material but while this transition in manufacturing is occurring, your kit may contain all cardboard frames or a mix of eyeglasses in cardboard and plastic frames. The eyeglass lenses have not changed and are still being made with the high quality plastic material of the original design.

NOTE: VisualEyes™ Simulator Glasses are manufactured by a vision standards company that also designs eye acuity charts and other vision testing tools for the vision industry. Don't be misguided by other simulator glasses on the market that aren't designed to meet these standards! These glasses are endorsed by Lighthouse International, a world-renown organization dedicated to fighting vision loss for over 100 years.

Want to know more? Go to these links at the New York Times to read stories about how the glasses have been used: “Simulating Age 85, With Lessons on Offering Care” by John Leland
and “An Exercise in Empathy” by Jane Gross.

Cost per set of 7 glasses*:
$54 USD/per set, plus shipping and handling. Quantities in stock are shipped via Priority Mail (typically received by customer in 2-5 business days, depending on the timing of order receipt, delivery location, and date). Larger quantity orders (typically over 10 sets) may take up to 3 weeks to deliver. Please contact us if you need larger quantities with faster delivery or delivery by a specific date and we will do our best to expedite your order. Free Priority Mail shipping (to customers in the U.S. only) for 26 sets or more! (See Discounts in the right hand column for more information on quantity orders.)  
*We regret that we are no longer able to offer the VisualEyes™ Simulators as individual glasses.

Images of Individual VisualEyes™ Simulator Glasses
e regret that we are no longer able to offer the VisualEyes™ Simulators as individual glasses.

Image of 773
CMV Retinitis/diabetic eye disease/immo-suppressed vision loss (This lens has cloud-like areas in a sporatic pattern.) – (EE-773)

Image of 774
Central Field Loss (Macular Degeneration) – (EE-774)

Image of 775
Peripheral Field Loss (Glaucoma/Retinitis Pigmentosa) (EE-775)

Image of EE776
Overall Blur (Cataract/Cloudy Media) – (EE-776)

Image of 777
Hemifield Loss (Hemianopia/Stroke) – (EE-777)

Image of 778
Low Contrast (Normal aging vision issues) (EE-778)

Image of 779
Color Affectation (Cataract and lens aging) – (EE-779)

How VisualEyes™ Simulator Glasses are being used by our customers…

“I am a second year optometry student and my group is using the VisualEyes™ Simulator Glasses to show the public what your vision could progress to if you don't take care of your ocular health.”
– Krystal, Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry

Other customers have included teachers, empathy trainers, product designers, interior designers, human resource professionals, various medical professionals... the list continues. If you are using these glasses, please share your experience with us:


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